Who are we?

Sloe Crafts - Thropton

Sloe Crafts is based at Lorbottle West Steads Farm, near Thropton on the edge of the Northumberland National Park. Sloe Crafts strives always to produce unique and interesting products to the highest of standards, using local resources where possible and taking inspiration from the farm and the beauty of the local region.

Sloe gin is Sloe Crafts’ signature product and has been made for generations by the Farr family using sloes gathered from local hedgerows (though it’s a Northumberland tradition that if you come across a good crop of sloes, you don’t let on!).

This recipe is now available to purchase in miniatures or 250ml bottles. Sloe Crafts’ Raspberry Liqueur, though a more recent invention, is equally special and the recipe guarded with care.

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