Pilgrims coffee

Who are we?

Pilgrims Coffee - Holy Island of Lindisfarne

The search for the perfect cup of coffee just got one step closer.  Here on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland, the Pilgrims Coffee team, love finding the best coffee beans on the market. They  roast these beans to perfection in small batches to ensure they taste superb.  This is done on site in their state of the art facility (disguised as a yurt). 

Their passion for coffee started in 2003 and it shows no signs of fading. What began as a job, grew into a way of life.  It seems crazy that people are still drinking stale, over-roasted, poor-quality coffee when there is a whole world of different flavours and aromas now readily available.

The coffee world is much like the wine. Once you choose to explore the potentials, you soon realise it's never ending. The flavours vastly vary with: variety, region, soil type, washing process, season to season and so much more.  We hope you enjoy Pilgrims Coffee as much as we do!

Find them at: Marygate The Holy Island of Lindisfarne TD15 2SJ