Who are we?

Christmas Farm

Christmas Farm is home to an award winning Organic Box Scheme delivery service across the North East and Pop-up Shop.

The family run farm sells organic produce both grown and reared on the farm in the heart of Northumberland and from other specially selected producers.

Located in Longframlington, surrounded by the stunning Northumberland countryside. They breed, rear and sell their own beef, lamb and pork, grow seasonal organic vegetables and fruit throughout the year. They also make their own sausages and cure their own bacon.
With a wide range of organic produce, from their own 100% organic meat, eggs and vegetables to a fantastic range of organic store cupboard staples and dairy. They also offer a wide range of workshops and events at the farm as well as wild camping with glorious views of the countryside.

They offer a range of boxes to suit all which can include organic meat, fruit and veg and then throughout the year, fantastic seasonal fresh veg like salads, greens, brassica’s, squash’s, soft fruit and herbs. A box full of fresh produce…..

100% Soil Association certified organic produce'

Visit their online shop to see their full rage of produce and events they offer.