Who are we?

At The Nut Roaster we take the best quality nuts we can buy, roast them in small batches and grind them to make delicious pure nut butters. We don’t add salt, sugar, palm oil or anything else; that way you can taste the flavour of the roasted nuts and nothing else. We think that the natural nuttiness shines through and if you want to add something it should be up to you - not us. By the way, there’s no butter in The Nut Roaster nut butters – it’s just a name, and there’s no gluten so it’s good for vegetarians, vegans or if you’re gluten-free. So, we hope you’ll enjoy the earthy robust flavour of our pure peanut butter, the more subtle wholesomeness of our pure almond butter and the sweet biscuity taste of our pure cashew nut butter. Whether you like them on toast or crackers, stirred into your porridge, blended into smoothies, mixed with yoghurt, oatmeal and berries or in your baking and cooking you can be sure you’re getting the nut, the whole nut and nothing else. You can find us at shows and markets throughout the county and our nut butters will be available at retailers as well as online from our website – follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what we’re up to.