The Chirnell’s Farmhouse Kitchen

Who are we?

Chirnells Farmhouse Kitchen

Chirnells Farmhouse Kitchen is a business run by Heather Foggon from Thropton, Northumberland. Heather produces all types of bread, biscuits, a variety of cakes, cupcakes and scones. She also makes her famous Christmas Cakes and Puddings, one pudding in particular is the Percy Special which she made to celebrate The Percys 700th Anniversary.

The Chirnells Farmhouse Kitchen is always filled with the scent of baking, she produces everything in her own kitchen. It's meant she has had to have six stoves put in, but that way it means everything is made fresh. You can often see her stall at different Farmers Markets and Festivals around Northumberland such as Alnwick, Rothbury and Hexham.

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