Carrolls Heritage Potatoes

Who are we?

Carrol’s Heritage Potatoes

Lucy and Anthony Carroll and their wonderful team work hard to grow, harvest, pack and distribute approximately 17 unique varieties of potatoes specially grown to provide you with gourmet eating qualities – excellent flavours, textures, colours, shapes and a taste of history.

At Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes we provide delivery to chefs and a mail order home delivery, both with an efficient next day delivery service straight from the farm to your door, and they deliver all over the world.

You can choose from approximately 17 varieties, which will enable you to cook with some amazing varieties of Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes. You will be able to create meals just like some of the wonderful chefs that cook with Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes.

"We are very proud that in October 2015 we won 'The British Farming Award' for Innovation."