Who are we?

The Cake Root Bakery

The Cake Root Bakery was established as a family run business at The Old Sawmill Middleton in 2012.

They produce a handmade range of cakes based on root vegetables using locally sourced high quality ingredients.

Their signature varieties include, Chocolate and Beetroot, Courgette Lemon and Pistachio nut and Sweet potato, Almond and Orange, which are delivered packaged and frozen.

Currently they supply these cakes to self-catering establishments, local delis and cafes throughout the North East.

Due to the positive feedback and increased demand they are now in the process of expanding their products to offer a selection of butter based biscuits to the hospitality sector. These are available in packs of 2 or 6, presented in a cellophane bag tied with colourful raffia and labelled with a customised tag.

Signature varieties include Lemon Shortbread, Ginger Oaties, Cherry and Almond Biscotti. They are very flexible in terms of customer requirements and are committed to providing a high quality service.

Find them online and local cafes