What is “Produced in Northumberland”?

  • This fully audited scheme verifies that businesses are producing or using the local produce they say they are.
  • Audits are carried out by Trading Standards and Environmental Health staff in the Public Health Protection Unit. This is generally at the same time as your routine inspection but businesses can apply to be part of the scheme at any time.
  • Produced in Northumberland is quickly becoming a strong and unique brand that customers are recognising.
  • Consumers realise the importance of local, quality products that celebrate Northumberland’s identity.
  • Add value to your business when you offer your customers the true taste of the county and join the scheme that proves it.

What are the aims of the verification scheme?

  • To raise the profile of local Northumberland produce and businesses.
  • To provide the best possible local food and drink experience for visitors to Northumberland.
  • To raise public confidence in Northumberland food and drink.
  • To raise the value of Northumberland food and drink.
  • To increase the local economy: jobs, production, income.
  • To promote the provenance of local food and drink.

What are the benefits to me to joining the scheme?

  • “Produced in Northumberland” is a strong and unique marketing brand you can use on your products, menus, websites, social media etc. You will also receive a certificate identifying which food and drink is verified. This is great for hospitality establishments who can display their certificate for customers to see immediately.
  • Whether you make, sell or serve the products, customers can clearly see that your business has been verified and is one they can trust.
  • As a producer, the scheme helps you easily prove to establishments that your products have been verified, which can lead to an increase in demand.
  • You’ll get a listing on the producedinnorthumberland.co.uk which ranks highly on search engines. This listing includes a photo, company bio, video space and a link back to your website. You’ll also be able to provide information on where your product is available to buy.
  • We are passionate in creating a brand that adds value to the product, similarly, to “Scotch Beef” and “Welsh Lamb” so customers see it as a mark of quality.
  • Northumberland County Council Public Health Protection staff carry out a comprehensive audit to physically check that the products you sell or serve are made in Northumberland. This is more than just an on-the-day audit as products can be checked over previous months which further proves how trustworthy the brand is.
  • The scheme is promoted through Northumberland County Council: press releases, social media, editorial, features - reaching a wide audience.
  • During our visits, you’ll also have access to specialist staff knowledge and mentoring.
  • We can offer advice on many different aspects including new or proposed changes to legislation.
  • You’ll be adding to Northumberland’s food and drink identity while encouraging the consumer to value the produce.
  • The economic impact of food and drink in Northumberland in 2016 was £307m and you’ll be helping the local economy by contributing to this, creating local jobs and supporting small businesses.
  • A low cost collection/delivery service has been negotiated for scheme members.

What is the criteria?

  1. Manufacturers, primary and small scale producers will have to prove to auditors that their food and drink is made in Northumberland.
  2. Butchers need to prove that foods are made in Northumberland and will also be subject to trace checks on the origin of the meat.
  3. B&B’s and other hospitality such as restaurants, hotels and pubs etc are expected to have a minimum number of key foods on their menus that are made in Northumberland. The number will vary depending on whether you serve breakfast alone (3 x main foods e.g. bacon, sausage, kippers), a breakfast and lunch, or lunch and evening meal (6 x main foods) or all three (9 x main foods).
  4. To be part of the scheme retailers are expected to sell a varied range of food and drink made in Northumberland from at least nine different producers. This food and drink should be clearly identified as Produced in Northumberland and we would suggest a ‘Produced in Northumberland’ branded area. This will avoid confusion with other products that are also sold on the premises.


“I’m incredibly proud to be promoting Produced in Northumberland. It’s about time people knew about and shouted about how marvelous our local artisan producers are.”

Si King - Hairy Biker

“The benefits to us being a part of Produced in Northumberland is that our customers are buying with confidence as the quality of Northumberland produce is exceptional.”

R Green and Son – Butcher

“The benefits of being part of the Produced in Northumberland scheme is about credentials of the scheme for us. There’s a lot of people who are interested in local food. We want our guests to be touched in their heart and not just in their mind.”

St Cuthbert’s House B&B

What is the cost of the scheme?

  • Manufacturers of food and drink £250 + VAT
    (Supplies to other businesses, shops, hospitality etc. includes butchers
  • Small scale producer £150 + VAT
    (Sales from own shop/market stall and supply to a few other local businesses. Primary producers of cattle, sheep and pigs, as well as honey, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables)
  • Hotels, restaurants, retailers or similar £125 + VAT
    B&B’s, guest houses and self-catering accommodation £60 + VAT


A business which sits within multiple categories but is based on the same site e.g. a small scale producer with a retail outlet and a cafe on site only the higher of the above fees applies.

For a business with a number of separate establishments the full fee is payable for the first establishment then a rate of 50% +VAT for each additional establishment.

All fees above are payable on an annual basis for continued membership of the scheme.